You might not have thought about cultural inflation before, but you feel its effects every day as a social fund pitchfork Odd Future tofu Tonx banh mi pop-up umami messenger bag twee.

Catharsis is a small design & printmaking studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with big agency capabilities.

Catharsis was first created to satisfy, expand, and experiment Tyler’s design and illustration passion. John & Tyler were childhood friends that started playing in bands at an early age and wanted to create interesting and personal artwork for the bands they loved. As years went on, Tyler met Audrey Lewis while studying design & printmaking in Wisconsin and saw the undeniable passion for, not only, the arts but for a broader appreciation & criticism of the world. Audrey since has been irreplaceable part of Catharsis’s illustration department and has helped turned the studio into what it is today.

Today, Catharsis operates as a full service design & print studio. As our studio has grown so have our capabilities. We no longer focus solely on limited edition gig posters, but have expanded into other fields of design. Check out our capabilities tab for some of the things that we are capable of, and if something isn’t listed there that you think we’d be a good match to do; shoot us an email at


2018 S 1st St
Suite 406
Milwaukee, WI 53207


John Griffin / Project Manager & Biz Dev

Tyler Hahn / Designer & Printer


We currently are not taking on interns but we love visitors to the studio. Shoot us an email and we’ll set up at time for you.

Logo design
Web Design
Apparel Design
Package Design

Editorial Illustration
Private Commisions
Album Artwork
Environmental Design
Book Covers
Beer/Liquor Labels